Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

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This is one of the hottest, least-shaded hikes here on Oahu. The pavement makes it hotter I think. Definitely start early, but know that parking could be difficult. It is stroller and wheel chair accessible all the way up if someone is able to push it.

For the keiki: It is a great hike for kids, but there are clear drop offs which could present issues if someone was too close to the edge.


In my personal opinion, this is the best part of the hike. This would not be highly suggested to hike while babywearing or with keiki. The footing is a bit unstable and the waters at the bottom are unpredictable with a few areas which they could fall into the ocean below.


You park at the same place as you would for the Makapu’u paved hike. However, at the trailhead, instead of going up on the paved road, you would turn right and follow the dirt/sand path about a mile to the beach. There are a few smaller trails you can follow, all which take you to a coral/tidepool beach.

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