Green World Coffee Farm

Green World Farms is a wonderful place to grab a cup of joe and read a good book. It is also, ironically, a great place to let the kids run out some energy. With some recent updates, they have plenty of shaded and indoor seating along with some nice tree-garden seating.


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The indoor gift and shopping area is complete with a place to learn about the coffee process. They have helpful staff, WONDERFUL treats and plenty of drinks to choose from (coffee AND non-coffee drinks).


Be sure to always respect those around you and realize that everyone is there for different reasons.

Kawainui Marsh Trail


Kawainui Marsh Trail is a great way to get out and run, walk, bike or just sit and enjoy God’s Hawaiian beauty. It appears to be a loop, but it is NOT. You start off to the right of the parking lot and wrap around, through the marsh. It “ends” at the road, but you can walk the road back or turn around and walk back to the parking lot. Sunrise and sunset are both wonderful here, but sunset is special as it illuminates the mountains.


Moanalua Valley Trail

The Moanalua Valley Trail is a great place to bring the keiki and family of all ages and abilities. You can sight see some ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs or look at the old ways of living amongst the land. Your group can also choose to hit up the “Middle Ridge” or the “Saddle” to get to the Haiku Stairs.


Visit the Moanalua Valley Trail Facebook Page or the Moanalua Valley Trail Yelp Page for the latest reviews and conditions!



Ka’ena Point Beach


Visit the Ka’ena Point Beach Facebook Page or the Ka’ena Point Beach Yelp Page for the latest reviews and conditions! It is a bit of a trek to get to this beach, so be sure you are prepared with water and snacks. We brought a blanket and our swimsuits so we could rest and relax at the point before turning back. 


The bird sanctuary (from the North Side) is a great thing for kids to experience and really makes this hike/beach unique.

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Ali’i Beach

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Visit the Ali’i Beach Facebook Page for the latest reviews and conditions!


Ali’i Beach in Haleiwa is often visited by the local honu. They most commonly swim off the rocky coast just adjacent the Haleiwa Beach (same bay). Always respect the animals and sea life you come across as well as the environment by taking all your trash, plus any you see with you.